The Sapphire Scientific range of powerful, efficient and space saving truck mounts and carpet cleaning accessories are engineered to deliver maximum performance and durability.
Sapphire products are easy to maintain and economical to operate, providing today's cleaning professional with the latest innovations in carpet and floor cleaning technology.
Sapphire Scientific truck mounts are built on a unique narrow platform that leaves more space in the van or provides the opportunity to use smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.
Each model incorporates innovative heat exchanger technology that captures and retains heat efficiently and gives the operator precision control to provide constant hot cleaning solution. A Short Reach Service Design has no component more than 10 inches from the outside, putting all belts, filters, oil drains and other service points within easy reach.
Sapphire truck
mounts also have an exclusive through-frame belt cooling design that extends belt life to help reduce maintenance costs. 
All truck mounts are fitted in Chessington, UK at Prochem's HQ.

Sapphire Scientific Truck Mounts

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