This exclusive club is for our most loyal customers!

We believe rewarding our best customers comes first. You deserve the recognition you get for using our brand when you think of cleaning product supplies. Whether that be Prochem, Craftex, SEBO, BONA, Airflex and the many other brands we stock, we truly believe it's our duty to reward you!

Requirements - how to become a PRS VIP

  1. Shop with us consistently for 6 months
  2. Make a minimum of 6 orders
  3. Have at least spent £1,000 with us

Once requirements are met, we manually check and then we email you letting you know you've met the requirements!

Benefits - Now you are a PRS VIP

  1. 5% off almost everything in store (exact products will be in your email confirmation)
  2. Your 5% can be applied on top of current promotions to get even more discount!
  3. You get top priority shipping on all your orders
  4. Special VIP treatment by our staff
  5. You will be listed on our PRS VIP list and be on display in our office

We currently have 42 members on this list

If you want anymore information on our VIP Club, feel free to contact our offices on 01483 566801 and our team will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry


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