About Us

ProRange Solutions

Formally known as Vacuums4u, ProRange Solutions combined with it's extensive history, has become one of the most successful cleaning product supply businesses in the industry. The combined knowledge of our directors, employees and experience in the trade, has lead us to the level we have achieved today.


We started right back in 1980 as a professional cleaning company offering carpet & upholstery cleaning. Those were the days! Competition was low and it meant you could really soak up the customer base and get very rewarded in the process. From there we earned ourselves a name and began the idea of supplying exactly what we were offering as a service. This became more and more obvious to us as competition grow in the carpet cleaning space, it made total sense to move some of our resources in this direction. Step by step we grow a name and a brand called TeeJay, which then changed again in the early 2000's to Vacuums4u and further changes were made in 2019. When we decide a new rebrand was required! Today we are known as ProRange Solutions

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering top tier customer service, fast turn around times, consistency and professionalism. Our team will always go above and beyond for all our customers and aim to make every single one of them a repeat! 

Meet The Team

Sales Glen Marshall 01483 566801
Marketing Director Dan Angel 01483 566801
Administrator  Jayne Austin 01483 566801
Company Director John Ford 01483 566801
Company Secretary Ann Ford 01483 566801
Technician Viorel Guma 01483 566801